Approval for Road Use

License plate number: LU135719

Finally I managed to get the approval and the official license plate on Wednesday 13th December 2017.  I am very happy that everything went well in the second round. The chief expert tested the Electric Mini even on the motorway and reached a maximum speed of 120 km/h.

This is the link to the corresponding agency / authorities:



So far I did some test runs in Lucerne and its surrounding. I can summarize the first impressions and outcomes as follows:

Consumtion0.14 kWh/km
Range (calculated with consumption and battery capacity)73 km
Acceleration / SpeedNo problem to follow traffic
Problems1.) Voltage drop during heavy acceleration in 3rd gear. Converter starts to limit.
2. ) Battery pack needs to be better balanced

Keep you posted ….. take care …. Erich Butler

Final Acceptance

Waiting ……

On the 6th December 2017 the time finally came and we (the garage owner helping me with the mechanics and I) showed the Mini to the authorities. After a two hours inspection by the  chief expert himself we got a tentative OK for the use of public roads.
There was only a minor issue with the hand brake and that’s why we have to show the car again this Wednesday. I hope that everything goes well I can drive home with the Mini with the official vehicle’s registration plate.


Start of acceptance tests

I have to admit that the Department of Transportation of the Canton Lucerne was very open and supportive. This helped a lot to get the approval.

Keep you posted …. cheers Erich