EV Conversion

I have decided in 2014 to start my own electrical vehicle conversion project. My motivations were

  • I like cars … in general all different means of transport … however I believe that the time has come to replace the todays combustion engine by a more environmental friendly technology.
  • Batteries are one solution but also fuel cells could play an important role in the near future. Fuel cells or batteries? In the end the drive train (converter – motor – gear) is the same. As batteries are easier available I started to do a conversion with a battery pack as  energy supply to drive the car.
  • Tinkering is one of my hobbies – I love to work with my hands – but also doing plans (ECAD, MCAD) on the computer. I can really relax and unwind as soon as I am in the garage among bolts and nuts.
  • I wanted to proof that a conversion can be done without having expensive tools and a super equipped garage.
  • I often imagined how it would be to drive with the own converted car – and I have finally to admit that it is a super nice feeling.

Cheers Erich

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