About me

E-Mini – Mount Pilatus Lucerne (Central Switzerland)

My name is Erich Butler and one of my private projects was converting an old Mini Cooper into an electric vehicle. If I am not tinkering and screwing in my garage then I work as an electrical engineer at Schindler – a globally active  elevator and escalator company with its headquarters in Ebikon Switzerland.

I got a lot of information how to convert a car with combustion engine into an electrical vehicle from people all over the world who had presented their projects in the Internet. That’s why I would like to share my own experience with others and hope that one or the other guy will start to realize his own conversion project.

Please find some information under the corresponding pages and tabs. Do not hesitate to contact me in case you would like to get some further information.


I would like to thank my family for theirs support. First of all my wife Andrea, who accepted that I spent  h  o  u  r  s  in the garage promising her that the conversion will be finalized soon. But I thank also my kids, Bianca, Timo and Nick. Bianca is a professional automotive varnisher. She consulted me regarding the repainting of the Mini. Timo and Nick gave me from time to time a helping hand when for instance the routing of heavy cables or the inserting of the drive was too much for a One-Man-Show.

Family Butler


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