Different Charger Adapter Cables

Charger adapter for different socket outlets

I have made in-between different charger cables to handle all available sockets in Switzerland.

Charging Adapter Cables

The on-board charger is capable to deliver 115.2VDC with max. current of 20.5A which results in a charger output power of 2.4kW. With an efficiency of about 90% the chargers input power is in the range of 2.7kW, which requests a 16A / 230V single phase socket. I intend now to modify the charger so that I can lower the charging current (activated by a switch) in order to charge the car also on a standard 10A / 230V socket.
Further, I added some adapters to connect the charger cable to IEC 60309 16A or 32A three-phase socket,  however only one phase and the neutral wire are connected to the three-phase system. More and more Type2 sockets are now used in Switzerland on public charging stations. I bought a corresponding plug (green as shown above) and added two buttons on it to simulate the vehicle detected and vehicle ready-status to get power from Type2 stations.

Best regards Erich Butler

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